Ordering information

Orders are Web Based


Order information
Each weekly order form will have a turn in by date (turn in date will be the Sunday before the following Wednsday delivery).  Price and availability can change from week to week.  

Delivery information
Deliveries are currently on Wednesday & Thursday depending on your zip code. Deliveries start between 5 and 6 am and stretch into the early afternoon depending on the # of orders for that week period. When the # of orders are too large to handle in one day I will setup a second delivery day. I am unable to give an exact time for delivery.

The produce is brought to your door. I am trying not to have a delivery fee. I never liked fees, so I will try it this way to see if it will work. Just please keep in mind, Fuel isn’t cheap. So please be reasonable when placing an order.

Please put a large cooler with a couple ice packs or ice in it by your front door if you won’t be home. This will give me a safe cool place to leave your produce. If the cooler isn’t large enough for your order I will leave the most perishable item in the cooler first.  A couple of large gel ice packs should work well.  Remember the larger the cooler the more packs you will need.

 I will also substitute some items with similar ones to make up a loss. I ask people to understand that sometimes things just don’t grow as planned!!!

Thanks for supporting your LOCAL BACKYARD FARMERS.