About The Backyard Farmer

Basic Info for The Backyard Farmer

The produce is grown Naturally…The Way You Would Grow It Yourself In Your Own Backyard.
Most these local small family farms are Not Certified Organic with the USDA.
These farms do not want the cost or red tape associated with that label.
They just want to grow the highest quality produce for their families and yours.
Just good Old-Fashioned Natural Backyard Farming.
Most produce is picked either a day before or only a few days or so before the Market.
This is the freshest you can get next to your own backyard garden.

Currently some of the fruits and Veggies are from a Certified Organic Growers along with other items.
It just depends on who all we are working with at any given time.

The Produce that we grow is done to a specific standard that we all practice, but
we are not certified organic so we do not make that claim due to fines and
penalties that can be assed against us.
I would say my Produce and my sources of produce are the best tasting around,
but I am biased!!

This produce is not waxed or processed in any way. The use of fungicides, herbicides, or pesticides on the produce is not a normal practice for these farmers; natural solutions are used to the fullest extent. We do not use a bleach water solution to wash the produce; we just use plain water with a spray nozzle, sometimes we use peroxide and water. So with this in mind, I recommend you clean the produce the way you prefer. The shelf life on some produce items will be shorter than store bought produce most people are accustomed to. Please make sure you store your produce at the proper temperature and please remove produce from plastic bags.  This is as fresh and natural as it gets